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Angela possesses an edginess that sets her apart from the typical blonde (girl-next-door type) actress and makes her the right choice for white trash gone good, young mom, mature young woman who's been around the block, hard worker, someone with a cause, lesbian, and rocker type roles.
Angela has established a very strong social media presence with over 150,000 followers on Twitter @angelabelcamino and 60,000 followers on Instagram.


As bass player and vocalist for alternative rock band SMB Project, Angela achieved significant success touring the U.S. and gaining over 1 million fans on Angela has carried this strong fan base into her tv and film career and quickly learned the importance of collaborating to create her own content. As the female lead in hit comedic web-series "We Are Stars" and spin-off series "Lindsay's World," Angela has earned over 4 million views on her YouTube channel. Backstage featured "We Are Stars" both online and in print. 


Angela's extensive background in dance, theatre, and music make her an extremely well-rounded artist with an amazing on-camera presence and ability to captivate. Angela trains regularly at The Actor's Green Room and with acting coaches Kim Ramirez and Clyde Baldo.

Angela grew up in Saint Augustine Beach, Florida, and has always been passionate about helping others. She obtained her Master of Arts degree in mental health counseling from Rollins College in 2009. In her spare time, she currently coaches college students and also enjoys writing, yoga, music, Thai food, thrift store shopping, breakfast/brunching, the beach, traveling, time with friends, coffee, and The Price is Right.


Currently penning memoir.

Currently waiting for 2020 to end.

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