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Today is the first day I dared to wear just a sports bra and pants at the gym. I have been a member of @nysc for several YEARS (not to mention many gyms throughout my life before then) and this was the first time. I grew up a dancer since age 6 and I always felt pressure to be thinner. I am not naturally thin so I tried a variety of methods (healthy and unhealthy) to lose weight. It was constantly on my mind and I think I never lost that self consciousness or obsession to look a certain way (not sure I even know what that is), nevermind the added pressure from society.

I have to work at and for it. I make conscious, difficult choices every day for my optimal health and well-being and I still struggle. I still fight the voice in my head that tells me “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not beautiful enough.” Don't we all? I woke up today and was like, F*@$ it. And eff self consciousness. I’m gonna do it. What am I waiting for? What does my body have to look like in order for me to decide it’s okay?

Let’s keep fighting to love ourselves because that pesky voice is an idiot. For me, life is about so much more than a number on the scale or having a six-pack. I workout because yes, I like seeing the results but more than that, it makes me feel great and strong. You know what else makes me feel great? Treating myself to french fries or bread every once in awhile! Do what makes YOU feel great. And if you wanna bare your tummy in a cute workout ensemble, for crying out loud, do it! It’ll feel amazing. #fitspo

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Hey Ang!! So agree with you! But I am a big guy who loves working out! And I am strong but not looking like a steroid geek!! I workout for myself! You look gorgeous and I know what you mean! Loves ya and stay strong!! By the way you go braless and look Killer!! So a sports bra in a gym shouldn’t be a problem 🌹✌️❤️❤️💪💪😘

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